Tuesday, August 14, 2018

ZAFUL Review: Where Did Summer Go?

Because there ain't no bad weather to stop me from wearing summer outfits. Living in a tropical country is giving me all reasons to wear one even on rainy days because why not? I took the opportunity of having my nephew around, so we did shoot a few outfits when I visited my family in the North. The weather was acting badly that time. It was windy and the sky was dark. Right at the time we finished shooting, it started to rain hard. I'm excited to share with you these items that  ZAFUL sent over. Just click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and outfit details.

My love affair with gingham print continues especially that it ain't going anywhere and it stays this season. I love this gingham print because it reminds me of a laid-back life. I don't know but I find it so light in the eyes, easy and simple yet chic. This pleated gingham bow bandeau top is so beautiful! That's why when I saw this top in the new arrivals, I marked it as a favorite in a snap. Who wouldn't love this bandeau top? I really love the front bow and it has a full lining. It has a zipper at the back. I got mine in size 4 which is small even though I'm usually medium because I'm flat-chested and my bust area just fit small. If you are blessed in the chest department and you're medium size, then just go with Medium when getting this bandeau top. I love pairing my gingham pieces with denim, so I hope you like what I came up with in this outfit. I highly recommend this product.

How timely it is to find this minimalistic yellow chic flapped crossbody bag the same time I saw the gingham bandeau top? It's like the world is making it easier for me to create outfit ideas. Well, this bag is so stylish! It comes with two straps; one is a yellow slim belt strap and this one wide multi-colored embroidered straps. Ahhh..! Isn't it so great? It has clasp closure and it was made beautifully. It is available in five colors, by the way. I have seen a lot of luxury bags with wide stylish straps and I'm so happy I have one similar to those. 


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