Tuesday, September 25, 2018

ZAFUL Review: A Must-Have Activewear

Hello, lovelies! Guess who's back in exercising? Moi. I finally decided to get back to achieving a healthy lifestyle recently. Yes, healthy. Because for me as long as you're doing something and you're sweating, I find it healthy. What do you think? I believed that one of the reasons to motivate a person to exercise is when they have a new set of activewear. When ZAFUL sent over this new set of activewear, I felt really excited. I was so excited to wear it! That's why, as soon as my schedule fixed, I started exercising and it's always the best feeling. Oh, here’s a coupon code: 16OFF and enjoy big discounts when you shop at Zaful. Click the photo below or the link below to see more photos and activewear details.

There are so many items to choose from their activewear category. I chose this perforated racerback sports bra for the reason that it is not a low neckline and it doesn't show my cleavage (as if there's any. Haha!). I love this sports bra because it is a full cup shape and padded. It is just like a cropped tee and I love it! It is very comfortable because it is not wired and it doesn't have an underboob band. For a flat-chested like me, this is perfect. 

I paired the sports bra with this camouflage star capri leggings which totally goes well together. What do you think? The leggings have blue stars print and that goes well with the color of the sports bra. I chose this camouflage print for the reason that it will make the attention drawn to the prints and on my huge thighs. I still have a long way to go through in achieving a leaner body so printed leggings will do for me for now. Maybe if I already achieved the fit body I want, I will surely wear plain ones even white activewear. I am very conscious of my body now because I've gained weight without really noticing it until our recent out-of-town trip. I had a hard time taking a good shot wearing my swimwear and angle shots didn't work anymore. So, that explains. By the way, the quality is so good! I highly recommend this legging.


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