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How To Order in Zaful via COD Cash On Delivery from Philippines?

Hello, lovelies! Today, I will talk about a step-by-step guide on how to order in ZAFUL via COD or Cah-On-Delivery as mode of payment. I have decided to make a blogpost about this new mode of payment of ZAFUL which is Cash-On-Delivery. I am not sure if this is available worldwide right now but upon checking with Zaful FAQs, it is available in some countries and we are lucky here in Philippines because we are included to enjoy this. Isn't it amazing? You can now get your trendy yet so affordable clothes from Zaful and deliver it to your doorstep in a few days. Wow! This Christmas rush in Metro Manila is stressing me out (stressing us out rather) because the Metro Manila traffic is so unforgiving; I just want to stay at home if I can but I need to go out and brave this Christmas rush because I have loved ones - family, friends, grandsons and granddaughters that I'm thinking to receive something from me this Christmas. It's the season of giving... more than usual. Lol!

But hey, you can now order products conveniently and easy in the comfort of your home or your office or anywhere, anytime as long as you have internet connection without braving the mass crowd in the malls and terrible traffic anywhere especially EDSA. For your trendy outfits and for your gifts to your loved ones, just go to ZAFUL.

So, you are afraid to use your debit cards/ ATM for online purchases? No credit card? No problem. You can now order items, click here via COD or Cash-On-Delivery right to your doorstep in Philippines! Yes, you read it right. Not only here in Metro Manila but all over the Philippines - from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. Isn't it great, lovelies?

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to order in Zaful by using the COD or Cash-On-Delivery mode of payment:


I ordered these items:

Upon check-out, you can use your coupon codes or any promotion codes from Zaful. You can find the coupons in your Zaful account. Just in case, you don't have any, you can get these discount codes from the Zaful page itself or you can use the codes which is valid until December 31, 2018 only: BKRU2018 

So, for my orders, as you can see in the image above, I used a coupon code and I have saved 15%. From PHP1,117.00, and a discount of PHP167.50, my total was trimmed down to PHP949.50. Yay! Everybody loves discounts!


Sample image when your order didn't reach the minimum amount. You will pay the COD shipping cost of PHP149.50 only. 

Sample image when your order is PHP1,250.00 and above. The COD shipping is FREE.

As you can see, after I click the "Proceed to CheckOut" button, you will place your order and the COD Shipping is automatically ticked as well as the Insurance fee. I opt to unticked the Insurance and I just paid the COD shipping which is PHP149.50 because my order didn't reach the minimum amount to avail the COD free shipping. The required minimum order to avail the COD FREE SHIPPING is PHP1,250.00 or $25.00. Please refer to the image above to see what I'm talking about. 

Please also take note that in the "Payment Method", they really specify that there is no additional fee anymore. Wow!


Before placing your order, you may want to use your Zaful points if you have. It automatically suggest how many points you can enter because it is based on your purchase price. So, for my purchase, I can use 142 points and I got another discount of PHP142.00 again aside from the coupon code I have entered when I checkout earlier. Wow! So, from the sub-total of PHP1,099.00 (items + COD shipping), the Grand Total I paid was only PHP957.00. Wow!


When you click the "PLACE YOUR ORDER" button, there's a pop-up box that states your cash payment upon receiving the package. Just click the yellow button with "Send SMS" and they will send to your mobile number a verification code. Enter that verification code and click Check Out. So, make sure that you had input the correct mobile number when you signed up your Zaful account. In just a few seconds, I received an SMS or text message stating the verification code which I input in the pop-up box, then I click CHECK OUT. 

Right after I click the Check Out button, the next page will show that the order have paid successfully paid via COD. But hey, we know we haven't yet. Lol!

Simultaneously, you will also receive another SMS or text message. It is to confirm your delivery information about the receiver's name, complete shipping address, phone number, etc. Again, please make sure you have correct inputs when you signed up your Zaful account. Just click the link provided in the text message but please make sure you have an internet connection when you click the link provided. 

Once you click the link in the text message they sent, the page will show this confirmation. Just click the CONFIRM button and you'll receive an acknowledment of your purchase. EASY, right?

Then, you can check your order in your Zaful account and you'll be delighted to see the the status of your order in "Processing" mode. Wow!

By the way, here are the links of the items I ordered:


NOTE: You can choose the COD or Cash-On-Delivery as your payment method if you order $10 above. In Philippine Peso, your order must be P500 above. SHOP ZAFUL HERE.


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