Monday, January 21, 2019

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Hello, lovelies! I am quite happy now because spring is coming and that means that summer is just around the corner. Summer is my favorite season of the year. Who wouldn't love this Spring/ Summer season, anyway? It's the season to wear breezy clothes, short dresses and light weight pieces. The season now is transitioning, so it is windy yet still cold even in the day but comes February, we will start to experience humidity. That's why, I'm stocking for new spring/ summer outfits as early as now. Summer fashion clothing is coming and I can't wait to wear them, are you? StyleBest.GearBest is one of the favorite fashion online website I ran to every time. Take a look of these stylish products I spotted from their website. 

It doesn't mean that summer means you can wear bright colors only. For me, it's the comfort that will comes first. Just like the sexy hollow mesh blouse and the long sheer blouse above, it is perfect to wear during the sunny days. Obviously, you won't be sweating on it because of its style and the fabric just allows more air. The third product has irregular cut and this what I like most because the design is so perfect for humid days. The off-shoulder and sleeveless style gives a fresh feeling. What do you think? 

Can this jeans be any stylish? I love this jeans the first time I saw it worn by one of my favorite fashion blogger and I can't believe I found it at StyleBest. The irregular placement of the fly buttons and the waistband is what I like most, and of course, the loose style. I love wearing loose jeans to move around comfortably. 

My love affair with white and blue stripes will never end. I find this print refreshing and gives an instant light feeling. Agree? This striped shirt dress will definitely have a room in my closet. The cold shoulder style is another reason why this striped dress will make it to my closet because who wouldn't love this style, anyway? 

By the way, StyleBest.GearBest now ship to the Philippines! Have you registered yet? If you still haven't, register now and here's a discount code for new customers! For this grand opening, use coupon code: GrandOpeningPH and enjoy a $10 OFF on orders $50. This coupon code will expire on 28th February. 57

Wait, there's more! Have I mentioned already that StyleBest.Gearbest offers cash on delivery? Yes, lovelies, you heard it right. There's nothing more convenient than shopping online with cash on delivery. Agree? For more information about how to buy with COD in, you can refer to About COD. 47


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