Saturday, May 23, 2020

Thursday, May 14, 2020

SHEIN Wishlist 2020

Hello, lovelies! I hope you are well and safe from the virus. I still can't believe this is really happening in the whole world and it's very sad to know that the corona virus cases have reached almost 4,500,000 million with almost 299,000 deaths as of this writing. I stopped watching the news about corona virus cases in the 2nd week of the community quarantine because you will hear and see the same about this virus; there's no cure as of this moment, no vaccine and no medicine and still under community quarantine, still in lockdown. No jobs, so no money but at least we are safe from virus. We should be thankful of that. By staying at home, you are not just making yourself safe from the corona virus but you are also saving lives. 

During this quarantine, I realized many things that I took for granted before the corona virus outbreak. Anyway, I don't want to tell you stories that will make you sad. I will tell you a good story instead. Well, during this quarantine, I have learned to cook. Yes, you read it right. I don't cook before but since I have all the time now, I have learned to cook new 6 recipes and I am so proud of myself! I realized that I love cooking. OMG! 

How about you? What are the things that are keeping you busy during this pandemic? What are the things that you do to keep your anxiety away and keeping your sanity? If you'll ask about me, aside from cooking and watching Netflix, I still do my routine of browsing the latest fashion items online. Just seeing the cute stuffs and the latest trend makes me forget that there's a pandemic. I still put on the wishlist the products I like and put in the cart the products that I want to buy as soon as this pandemic is over.

I always shop at SHEIN. Below are the products that I'm eyeing to buy once this is all over. Of course, for now I'm saving my money for our daily essential needs. Shopping for clothes is just my second or third priority.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Hello, lovelies! How are you these days? I hope you're all doing fine and safe from the virus. Today, I will share to you my DRESSLILY wishlist. It's about the summer outfits and swimwear that I wish to wear this summer or after this pandemic is over. One of the things that keeping me sane is browsing beautiful stuffs from one of my favorite fashion online stores. I've had enough of the virus news and the best thing to do is to entertain yourself so that you won't get stressed. Staying home is so boring but this is the only way to fight the spread of the virus, lovelies!

Below are some products that have added to my wishlist:

Here is the new arrival: 

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday

Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF:  

Over 10usd, save 2usd; Over 20usd, save 4usd; Over 30usd, save 6usd; Over 40usd ,save 8usd; Over 50usd, save 10usd; Over 60usd, save 12usd; Over 70usd, save 14usd; Over 80usd, save 16usd; Over 90usd, save 18usd; Over 100usd, save 20usd;Over 110usd, save 22usd; Over 120usd, save 24usd; Over 130usd, save 26usd; Over 140usd, save 28usd

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

YBONITA FARM & VILLAS - Calatagan, Batangas

New Vlog is out! Check out our farm life experience at Ybonita Farm and Villas 

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

DRESSLILY Review: Denim Mid-Length Coat

Hello, lovelies! I am back with my third installment of the outfits I wore during our recent Baguio trip. This product is still from DRESSLILY that I received last January 2020. This is one of my favorite coat because it is denim. If you've been following me for quite a while now, I'm a sucker of anything denim. Just click the photo or the link below to see more photos and outfit details.

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