Saturday, April 27, 2013

OOTD: My Go-To Outfit

Ohh I miss outfit posts! It's been long time since I posted one and I'm sorry because I owe you big time for that lovelies. No, I'm just making lame reasons. Haha! Okay, I just want to share my outfit some weeks ago when we watched basketball game in SMART Araneta.

I am fond of wearing shorts. Though my legs aren't wow, I don't mind flaunting it. Lol! Wearing shorts makes me move comfortably and move for all I care without the fear of some peek-a-boos. Shorts are always my savior when anxiety attacks and when I think I do not have anymore clothes to wear but fact is, there are tons inside my closet. Lol.

My outfit's color screams summer. A pastel blue and yellow. I score these pieces half of the original price one Friday from SM Dept. Store. I'm a sucker of anything red tags, so I looked for my size and headed to the fitting room. Both pieces perfectly fit me right. I wanted to get another shorts in Orange color but unfortunately, sizes were broken since it's already on sale.

[ Penshoppe buttoned-down shirt, Penshoppe walk shorts, Penshoppe belt, KEDS shoes, Clothingloves bracelet (same here) ]

Have you read my post: Fashion 101 Identify The Colors? Can you guess what color scheme I pulled here? It's Triadic color scheme. Though my top is Pastel Blue, it still goes along with the 2 primary colors which is the Red & Yellow. The color Yellow stands out. Click here for further information about color schemes.

On my nails, Caronia's Summer "Expressions" Collection in Blue Chill & Fresh Mint (review here.)

I don't know about you but whenever I buy clothes, I always see to it that I can wear it not limited to one occasion only. Like this buttoned-down shirt, I actually worn this going to work, meeting clients and it's perfect for casual days, too. Oh I'm the type that will wear favorites until it's overused.

The belt (it's dark brown) actually came together with the shirt.

I love the fabric of this walk shorts because it's a bit stretchable which add more comfort when I move.

Ever since this bracelet came in the mail, it's been my favorite accessory. This is a gift from one of my sponsors, Lovely!

By the way, most of the pictures in this post are bit grainy because my husband just used iPhone 5 in taking these shots except picture of the bracelet alone and the one above it. Looks pretty good shots eh. Okay, I will leave you with some pa-cutesy pose. 

Care to share what's your go-to outfit?


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  1. Love your yellow shorts (:

  2. I also prefer shorts to skirts:) Yours yellow are so amazing!

  3. I love your shorts and your bracialet! *.*
    following each other would be so cool! i like your blog!

  4. It looks so fresh and ready for summer!

  5. You look so gorgeous dear! Your Outfit is amazing :)
    Wish you a beautiful day& a amazing weekend!<3

  6. Lovely outfit! So fresh and pretty! Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  7. You look lovely! Loving the pastel colors...and your hair is beautiful by the way! ;)

  8. i love your shorts! Such lovely summery outfit!


  9. Hi! You have wonderful blog!
    What do you think about follow each other?
    If you interested, please let me know.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! I follow you now! ^_^
    Do you want to follow me too?

  11. love how the yellow shorts compliments your powder blue shirt. it's refreshing and easy on the eye. ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

    1. Thank you Hollie. I agree with you, pleasing sa eyes, right? :)

  12. So preppy. Love the outfit. It really suites you. I followed your blog and maybe you can visit my blog to and perhaps follow it too? thanks :)

    1. Thank you Lhen. Sure we can follow each other. :)

  13. Great outfit, love that bracelet and shorts :) x

  14. Love your outfit! madaling kumilos :) yung iba kasi yung "go-to" nila parang hindi comfy :)

    1. "go-to" outfit should be comfy, I agree with you. Thanks!


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