Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oh That Boots!

When I was in my junior & senior year in high school, I had a best friend. She's my seat mate, class mate and batch mate. After we graduated, we got back to our school to take our school card. I wondered why my best friend came in late. Then, I saw her approaching to me with air of confidence. She looked pretty! I know there's something new to her. I looked upon her face but I don't see any new. She was still the fair complexion girl, with pimples in her forehead, cheeks and chin. I glanced when she smiled and her braces was still there. Her tee wasn't new either and her jeans was the same old one. Then, I saw her shoes.

Oh! There you go. She have a new shoes. Wait, it wasn't just a shoes but a boots! Since then, I dreamt of owning a boots one day. I realized that beauty isn't all about smooth & flawless skin, high nose, white and perfect teeth, old or new clothes. I realized, sometimes it's all about the footwear -  that awesome boots could really give you that confidence just like what it did to my best friend. Haha!

When I get hired for a job, I felt very rich when I had my first paycheck. I immediately thought of my best friend. I hadn't seen her after that day I saw her wearing boots. Well, she studied college in far big city and I studied at the nearby small city. I hurried up and went to nearest mall and saw this Originals PonySkin Classics 8-Eye Boots look alike. This was the design my best friend wore the last time I saw her. I picked the boots from the display and realized that I could wear it with mini skirts, maxi skirts, maxi dresses and shorts. I gave in and bought it. And alas! I should have asked my Mom to buy me a boots before. It was so comfy. I can moved without inhibitions, hence, I walked with that air of confidence. I don't know why but I feel pretty with that boots on.

To cut the story short, I lost count of my boots now. I have so many. Haha! The designs now are so damn beautiful than ever. I just can't resist these Mesh Studded Heeled Ankle Boots, Wedge Heel Boots with Transparent Heels, Pointed Studded Heeled Sandals, & Hidden Platform Ankle Boots with Scrawl Print. coupon codes until 30th June.
$10 off for orders over $100, code: SUMMER10
$30 off for orders over $200, code: SUMMER30


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  1. Great selections :)
    Would you like to follow eachother via gfc?


  2. hillarious! i'm dreaming to have boots too :3

  3. Such cool shoes! Love the black boots and I'll visit the site after this. Thanks for sharing! xo akiko
    Style Imported

  4. oh the first one! i have the same brand but in plain colored. :)

  5. I love boots too...especially ankle boots :)

  6. I love boots.... Valentino rockstud: WOW!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful items. Love the shoes.


    Style of Purity

  8. Same here! I also want to own a boots, soon if possible haha! :)

  9. I have several boots na rin :) lakas maka chic ng boots kasi! :) During my call center days I used to wearing boots kasi nga naman maginaw.. kaso with my current job right now I have to stick with the office rules :( kaya I seldom wear boots nalang.. Kaya pag may pagkakataon talaga I make the most out of it. :)

  10. I want my own pair too!! Rainy season is coming and I'd love to save my feet with shoes as cool as these. :D


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