Thursday, September 26, 2013

It's color-Fall...

Okay, so while the others busy preparing for their Fall season outfits, I am here again to give you ideas. Well, we don't have Fall season here in Philippines but during this rainy season; we got to experience cool weather especially now that "ber" months has started. It means it is getting cooler and cooler. Yey! Though I still hate rainy and gloomy days but I gotta love it because layered clothes are legal (lol!) and hooded & stylish jackets poured everywhere.

This is the color of my Fall; a not-so-dark but a colorful Fall for me. I gathered these photos with corresponding links from Wholesaleitonline. Please click the photos or the links to see the item details.

1                                     2

3                                   4

5                                  6

7                                     8

9                                    10 

11                                    12

How about you? What is the color of your Fall?

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  1. We dont really have autumn in india , but yes its getting cooler because of rain.. But i love rain.. :)
    Those bags are so pretty..
    Keep in touch,

  2. These pieces look awesome, I'm especially a big fan of the green bag :)
    Kisses <3

  3. wow those stuff are amazing !

  4. Loving your bag choices! Especially the leopard one, xoxo.

  5. Wow, grate! Love!

  6. Bags <3
    Kisses:* :)

  7. Love your picks, great post. I like pink for this fall. :)

  8. interesting pieces, love the first pair of shoes! xoxo

  9. Could by everything you show on this pics - such great items!!!!!!

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  10. lovely selection!

    Kisses from paris


  11. i like the green bag. fab choices jenniya :) great day to you! and congrats to the 1k gfc followers!:)

  12. I like every single things from this list. :)


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