Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Shopping Experience at MartofChina

When we do shopping online, we always check if the store offers free shipping. If we see it is, we are more interested to spend time browsing their items. I know, I know. Count me in. It's really an attractive offer when we see "free shipping". Well, who wouldn't want it? Even Oprah Winfrey mentioned how happy she was when she got a lot of free samples when she shopped for her beauty products.

By the way, I recently received the two (2) items I ordered from the Professional Wholesale Clothing Mart. I feel satisfied and very happy with the items; one of the best feeling eh?

I haven't talked yet about how it is to shop at MartofChina. Check out this wholesaler store because they sell products way, way cheaper than other retail online stores and most of their products are one of a kind. Do you know that they do not only offer wholesale but they do offer retail, too? At first, it was a bit off when I found out they do charge you for shipping but seeing the very cheap prices of the products, you will surely think twice and nod for approval to pay for the shipping. I mean, the fee is very minimal. Upon check out, you'll see that you will get an item absolutely in a very cheap price compare to other retail online stores. Why not try it for you to see what I'm talking about? C'mon, no commitments I promise! 

Here you go. Choose any item that you want to try for check out - here or here or here. Proceed to check-out, choose your country and you'll see there's computation of the total price of shipping and the item. Now, tell me. Does the price blown you? I bet it awed you. Moving on, I want to show you first the dress. I will make a separate post of the other item I got from MartofChina, so watch out for it, too.

Price: $13.08
Flat Rate Shipping: $6.26
Total amount: $19.34 only

Flat Rate Shipping means it will take 8-25 days to arrive. For this particular item, the initial weight is 0.32 kg equivalent to $6.26. If you will buy additional piece of the same item, you have to add $2.97 for the shipping. Here's more you need to know, if you buy 2-9 pieces, the item will just cost $12.35 and if you buy more than 10 pieces, the item will just cost $11.80. Hmm, if you plan to buy a wholesale of this, click here to inquire. By the way, prices are of US Dollar.

This A-line round neck chiffon floral dress was thrown in my shopping cart right away. I love its printed floral. There are tiny ones and large ones; making the dress fun to look at and not overwhelming with floral print. Agree? And oh, haven't I mentioned how much I love A-line dresses? If you happen to already determine your body shape, shopping for dresses would just be a breeze, trust me. I have a Banana shaped body or a Boyish type of body, so this A-line dress is perfect for me. You don't know your body shape yet? Click here to determine yours. 

This floral dress is made of chiffon. It is round neck and the length is above the knee. I love that it is not too short. 

There's a lining inside which is neatly sewn.

The zipper is at the back. I love it because it is not exposed; it's hidden. When you closed the zipper; you won't have a clue there is a back zipper because it is beautifully hidden that the fabric from both side meets and created an illusion of no zipper at all. For me it brings more elegance in a piece that way. Agree?

Oh I can't wait to wear this dress and make an outfit post! It is really pretty in person especially when you get hold of it. The fabric is made of good quality I swear. I had a bad shopping experience on other wholesaler because I got a very low quality of goods and they sent you items different from the item pictured in the product page but I can say MartofChina is exceptional; this dress is the same as pictured on their website.

I will also make a separate post review of the other item I got. If you've been following me on Twitter and Instagram (follow me @iam_jenniya for both), you'd probably have an idea what item I am talking about. So stay tuned.

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  1. OMG! i love it :) super love the print ate :) i bet it'll look gorgeous on you :))

  2. Looks amazing :) looking forward to youroutfit post :)

    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  3. I am going to go and check out mart of chins now, its a beautiful dress...
    Love its print and god to know that it is good qualityzzzx
    I have seen so many whilesale store selling. Very low quality stuff..
    Looking forward to your next post of this dress..
    Keep in touch,

  4. Amazing dress, i like the pattern. :)

  5. Beautiful dress!!

  6. It looks so pretty and great quality! I love free shipping too lol, xoxo.

  7. thank you so much! Followed you back!
    If you want you can also find me on lookbook:
    Keep in touch

  8. that dress is so lovely! i adore the colors in it!

    lindsey louise

  9. Love that dress! absolutely stunning!
    Monica Harmony's Blog

  10. Thats a lovely floral dress!

  11. This is such a pretty dress :)

  12. ohhh I love your blog and your way of writing!
    Really cool sharing this online shop with us!
    The dress looks awesome, by the way ;)


  13. I will check this web!! This dress is beautiful



  14. the dress is so beautiful!! :D

    wait you here in my blog
    Do you want to follow each other? I will follow back for sure :D

  15. I love the dress Ms. Jenniya! So lovely. ^^

  16. OMG I am in love with this dress, so gorgeaous, I am so jealous ♥

  17. Such a lovely dress!
    Perfect for summer picnics!

  18. That dress is so pretty!! The print is darling!

  19. beautiful dress!
    followed you, keep in touch


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