Tuesday, July 26, 2016

#OOTD: On A Vintage Note

Hello, lovelies! It is almost two months since I started my workout at home. I am so happy with the result because aside from I feel healthy and strong, I obviously lose weight, my bloated belly is deflating and I'm developing toned muscles. Now, I am looking forward to developing a toned abdomen. Okay, enough of that, lovelies. Today's outfit post is showcasing these items I ordered from Light In The Box. Have you visited this online store yet? One of the things that will make me come back over and over to an online store is the wide selection of products. Nothing will make me happy but a dose of beautiful and unique items while shopping online. 

Embroidered Denim Dress

I love anything denim, that's why when I saw this denim dress, I immediately hit the "add to cart" button. Who wouldn't love this vintage-cut denim dress with studs & lace embellishment? I ordered the size Medium and it fit me just right. The length is a bit short but I love it. I wore a cycling shorts underneath, so no problem for peek-a-boo in case. Also, the material of this denim is very good; not thin nor thick, so it is light weight. It is not stretchable, I may add. Did I mention it has also two side pockets? 

I love the mesh design all over the shoulders. I find it very sexy. The handcrafts of the lace embroidery were neatly sewn and the studs added glam. The embellishment gives an oomphh on this denim dress making this piece eye-catching and makes people take a double glance may it be a woman or a man. I felt my confidence boosted that day when I wore it last weekend.

I chose this brown crossbody bag to pair with this denim dress to incorporate the neutrals. Well, denim fell in neutrals, so this bag is a just perfect pair. Agree? Also, the colorful patchwork is lovely. Nothing will make your look interesting but a pop of color, right? The material used in this bag is good; it is thick but not hard either. That little ball fur comes with the bag, too! How cute is this accessory? And oh, this bag arrived with no dents at all and it's in perfect shape. It is packed nicely; they really made sure to put enough papers as a cushion inside the bag to keep up its shape during the shipment. Now, that's another thing to consider if you do online shopping and obviously, Light In The Box just did it with my order and that impressed me much.

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I was wearing:
LIGHT IN THE BOX crossbody bag (get here)
LIGHT IN THE BOX embroidered denim dress (here)




  1. You look so classy. Love the bag! xx

  2. nice look..


  3. Love the denim dress so much ! And the bag of course !


  4. Totally love the denim dress, i love the design and embellishments on it, it's so sexy you look so amazing on it, keep on staying healthy ^^



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