Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cool Sweater Dress from IRISIE

Hello, lovelies! It's weekend and I am multi-tasking at home. While doing the laundry, I am also creating blog entries. I still have a few outfit posts taken from Baguio City and excited to share it with you, lovelies. We went camping again for our first two days in Baguio and as usual, we enjoyed every bit of it. I never thought outdoor could be my thing, too. You'll never know until you've tried a thing. It's been a two consecutive years that we at least spent two days camping at the Lily Of The Valley - Organic Farm. This time, we had our breakfast, lunch and dinner served by them. They serve only organic food, of course. Foods are all fresh picked from their farm in the valley and so delicious! Anyway, before I make you drool, let me get back to my main feature on this post - IRISIE. Have you checked this shop yet?

I ordered this yellow v-neck side slit sweater dress mainly because of its color. I find it interesting. It is not the usual color of gray and brown. We shoot this post the day we arrived in Wangal, Benguet. The weather was fine, so I wore this dress alone without any pants on. The knitting material of the sweater was enough to keep me warm that day. This one is in size small and I am usually medium. Maybe if I ordered a medium, the sleeves are longer as well as the dress length.

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I was wearing:
IRISIE yellow V-neck side slit dress (get here)
pu leather red cap (get here)
pu leather tie-up boots (get here)
black bra harness (get here)




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