Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Review: Striped Embroidered Cropped Shirt from ZAFUL

Hello, lovelies! It's mid-week and I can't wait for the weekend. The consecutive days have been sunny and I wish I and my husband was on the beach. I really miss basking in the sun but let it be a beach, pleaseeee...! Anyway, my workload seems light (let it be like this until the end of this week *cross fingers*). This afternoon, when we got home, I fell asleep which is unusual. I don't take naps in the afternoon but lately, I always feel sleepy after eating lunch. I used to tease my husband of having siesta time in the afternoon because they said that's one sign of being old. Lol! Then, I think we're in the same phase now. Hahaha! Anyway, let's set aside this "being oldie" story of mine and let me share with you the details of today's post featuring ZAFUL

I find myself getting crazy with embroidery. Just like denim, my embroidery collection is growing. I didn't think twice when I saw this striped embroidered cropped shirt and click the "add cart" button. Look at the red embroidery; it's a statement itself. Also, it's a button down with collar shirt, so I'm sold. I made sure my orders aren't going to sit in the closet for the next months (sometimes a year!) and that I will wear it repeatedly. I'm talking about wearing it to work. 

And let me talk about this flat loafer sandals again. I love wearing this pair particularly to work. It is so comfortable to wear and work appropriate shoes. It is not currently available now in color black but they have other colors available in stock.

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I was wearing:
striped embroidered cropped shirt (here)
flat heel sandals (here)

rabbit bag accessory (here)
red crossbody bag with tassels design (here)
stainless bracelets (here & here)



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