Sunday, May 28, 2017

DRESSLILY Review: Beauty in Green

Hello, lovelies! Today's outfit post is featuring DRESSLILY and I'm excited to publish this look and here comes the time. Yey! Why I'm excited? Well, I love this look so much because I was wearing my top favorite color - green. Plus, I just noticed that my body looks slender here in most of the pictures taken. We shoot this during sun down and it provides a softer light that wraps around me. It even made my flabby arms looking so extra thin as seen on the first photo below. 

I'm so happy to have this colorful shorts! This has been always out-of-stock from the other online stores or maybe because it's already faced-out but I'm just so lucky to own one before it went out-of-stock recently in Dresslily. No wonder why. This simple style colorful shorts is very attractive not only on the product page. In person, it is more gorgeous! There's a zipper at the back and the fit is mid-rise. I have so many tops and accessories to match with this shorts. The colors in it are just so beautiful it made me wear this again and again. Haha! You can still find gorgeous shorts, just click here.

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I was wearing:
DRESSLILY simple style colorful short (get here)
DRESSLILY mesh stainless steel bracelet (get here)
metallic mirrored sunglasses (find similar here or get here)
wooden bangle quarts watch (get here)
palm tree crossbody bag (get here)
flat heel square toe slippers (get here)
stainless steel dumbell pendant necklace (get here)
find similar green sleeveless top here


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