Thursday, May 25, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Cool Summer Outfit

Hello, lovelies! Summer means wearing sleeveless, cropped tops, flowy dresses and denim shorts. But with the scorching sun, you will end up getting dark even though you didn't go to the beach due to your exposed skin. I've wanted to wear long sleeves on summer (sometimes will not hurt anyway) especially crisp white shirt but I had no luck finding one because I always found a shirt that is either a linen, a bit thick, not soft fabric, etc. You know, the usual find that I'd be not happy about. By luck, I finally found the white t-shirt I've been looking for, plus a fashion slipper to complete my cool summer outfit.

When I saw this stand collar pocket pure color women's shirt, I thoroughly checked the product description because you know that shopping online is quite tricky; I've had a miss & hit until now but this past two years, the number of hits are higher than the miss. I've learned from my shopping online mistakes, of course. Even though the photos on the product page is clear, I relied on the fabric stated on the description which say the fabric is a broadcloth. From that, I'm convinced that the shirt is a lightweight, smooth, and a flat looking fabric. I'm okay with that already but to know that it has some elasticity in the fabric, I am more than happy. My heart was jumping with glee and I got excited. True to what Rosegal put in the product description, the shirt that arrived is exactly what it claimed. This shirt is perfect to wear on summer even though it is long sleeve. I am so happy I finally own a shirt that meets my crisp white shirt standard. It is true to size, too! 

This weaving color block espadrilles slippers is love-at-first-sight. When I saw it, I told myself, there's no way not to own one of this pair. I only own a few pairs of espadrilles shoes but a slipper; it's my first time. So, just imagine the happiness I had when this slippers arrived. It's been my go-to slips when I go out (except to work, of course). It looks exactly the same as the photos on the product page. There's a bit of difference in the color because we shoot outdoor but trust me, it's exactly the same. The embellishment and frayed straps look so chic! It added glam on the slippers. I got gray color, by the way. It's very comfortable to wear and I highly recommend this product. Perfect to match your summer outfits. 

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I was wearing:
ROSEGAL stand collar pocket pure color women's shirt (get here)
ROSEGAL weaving color block espadrilles slippers (get here)
palm tree print crossbody bag (get here or here)
faded denim shorts (get similar here)
white straw hat (get similar here)


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