Monday, May 22, 2017

SAMMYDRESS Review: My Take on Mom Jeans

Hello, lovelies! I know I'm a bit behind on the mom jeans trend but it never hurts to try late than never. Agree? I ordered jeans from SAMMYDRESS and it isn't just a plain mom jeans but with a twist because I got one with embroidered patches. Cool eh? I pair it with a cropped blouse with red, white & black accents.

I finally got a hold of this knitting stripe cropped t-shirt after ages. I thought this item is lost already in the customs because this is shipped via post and it arrived last March 2017 but I never received any postal notice. I just got it last week when I claimed one parcel and the custom employee said we had one parcel unclaimed. Good thing she knows us by name. Anyway, this t-shirt is cute. I love that it is not that fitting to the body. The stripes give an instant beauty. It is true to size. Sadly, this shirt is already out-of-stock.

This mom jeans with slit leg embroidered jeans is so nice! First, the jeans fabric is thick but ultra-soft. It fit me just fine; no discomfort at all. The patches are nice but I think it's a bit exaggerated. I think I will take out two patches later. The slit right on the front bottom hem is great! I love it! It's not the usual slits on the side, so yeah, anything unique is a yes for me. By the way, it is not low-rise as it claims on the product description.  It is true to size though. I am Medium and my waistline now is 28. I ordered Medium which on their size is 29.13. The fit of this jeans on me is fine as shown in my photos.

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I was wearing SAMMYDRESS:
slit leg embroidered jeans (get here)
knitting striped cropped t-shirt (get here)
wooden bangle quarts watch (get here)
metallic mirrored sunglasses (get here)
stainless steel dumbell pendant necklace (get here)
pointed toe design flat shoes (get here)


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