Sunday, May 21, 2017

SAMMYDRESS Review: Not Your Ordinary Wide Leg Pants

Hello, lovelies! Let me get straight to the point. So, today's outfit post is featuring SAMMYDRESS and when we were doing this shoot, I can't help myself but laugh because I remember my colleagues at work. I am pertaining on the pants I'm wearing in this post and guess what? They want me to take it off so they can wear it. They love my pants so much they wanted to order their own right away. I gave them the item link though, so maybe in a few weeks when their orders arrived, this particular pants would be called as uniform. Lol!

This floral print high waisted wide leg pants has sat in my "favorites" for as long as I can remember. I gave it a shot on my last order and oh boy, I should have bought this pants long time ago. The loose fit, length and floral print design is outstanding! No wonder my colleagues loves this pants, too. I can't blame them though because I regret not buying this early, I should have sporting this and enjoying its comfort and style daily to work. Lol! It is perfect to wear at work. The material is chiffon but it is not sheer. It is true to size; always check their size chart. I really love the fit! The downside is it doesn't have side pockets but not really a big deal though. The important thing is the perfect length; I can wear flats or slippers on this.

I wanted to have a wooden watch since last year but the ones I found in the malls are ridiculously priced over a $100 US. Good thing I saw this wooden bangle quarts watch in Sammydress. Can you believe this was priced at not more than $32 US? Wow! It's a steal, I know. It's been my go-to watch since it arrived. It is so nice! It is expensive and classy looking when worn. It was made beautifully and very neat. I love the diameter; it is huge than my normal wristwatches.

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I was wearing SAMMYDRESS:
floral high waisted wide leg pants (get here)
wooden bangle quarts watch (get here)
red flouncy cami top (get similar here)
metallic mirrored sunglasses (get here)
stainless steel dumbell pendant necklace (get here)
solid color crossbody bag with tassels (here
rabbit bag accessory (here)


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