Saturday, May 20, 2017

ZAFUL Review: Must Have Items On Your Closet

Hello, lovelies! It is finally weekend and has the time to finally publish outfit posts. It's been three weeks since I last posted an outfit post and I really miss creating one for you, lovelies. My husband notices that most of the packages that arrived have been visible to his eyes almost every day. It means that I've worn a lot of the items to work. You know, when you aged above 30, you will consider comfort over style, believe me. And you'd seems to get more practical, too. The impulse buying is not happening so far as far as I remember and I'm proud of it. Anyway, the items my husband has noticed are the ones from ZAFUL. Now, I can say that this store meets all I want in a store and that made them No.1 on my list now. I'd like also to take this opportunity to give you a tip of something that will make your shopping in ZAFUL great than ever and that will be happening soon. I've heard a lot of activities, coupons, and discounts await. I am really excited about it. Stay tuned for that! Meantime, here's a work outfit inspiration for you, lovelies!

As soon as I saw this blue lace-up denim shirt, it didn't take me a second to add it in my shopping cart. You know, I love anything denim. I didn't have a denim shirt that is lace-up like this, so this lace-up design is the reason I got sold. it is something that adds beauty to this denim shirt. Agree? The denim material is very nice; not thin and not so thick either. It is soft to skin and lightweight. It is true to size. Overall, this denim shirt is beautiful. So yeah, it is a worthy buy.

As I have mentioned above, I became more practical now when I shop. For this denim shirt, I am not only thinking of wearing this to work but I also have in mind to do styling this in so many ways like I can wear this denim shirt with skirts or a cropped trouser or a shorts for a casual look. Ahh, I can't wait to do that. 

This palm tree print crossbody bag is really perfect for this summer. When I saw this in Zaful website, I said to myself I have to own one. The palm tree print is just so cute it hurts to think I don't own one. So yeah, it immediately added to my shopping cart in just a matter of seconds. I was jumping in glee when this bag finally arrived. It is more beautiful in person, I swear! The photo in the product page didn't prove its beauty; Zaful should upload more quality photos. The texture is so nice; my hand don't glide over but it grips. I just love it! The size is just right for my summer outfits where I can just put my small stuff. You know, a phone, some little make-ups. There's just a tiny zippered pocket inside where you put your money, that's it. 

I find this geometric print wide leg slit bohemian pants pretty in terms of print and colors. It's a bottom that I can overuse to match with so many tops. What do you think? Almost all of my favorite colors are there such as yellow, blue, orange, etc. This wide leg pants is perfect to wear to work; it is flowy and comfortable. The side slit up to the knees are fun and it's sexy. The material is chiffon; a bit thinner than I expected but my worries have gone because it doesn't sheer like it's showing your soul (haha). The geometric multi-color print works but still I wore a lycra  shorts under. It is true to size; the waistband sits just below my navel for a medium size.

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I was wearing ZAFUL from head to toe:
blue lace-up denim shirt (get here)
geometric print wide leg pants (get here)
palm tree print crossbody bag (get here)
flat heel sandals (get here)
mirrored sunglasses (get here)



  1. I love the details. Very beautiful.

  2. Great post!

    You have a nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog with a comment! ;oD

    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  3. Those pants look amazing! especially for summer :)


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