Sunday, June 25, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Ruffled Contrast Piped Blouse

Hello, lovelies! It's my day off. So, let me wear anything comfortable but I'm not talking about pajamas, okay? For today's look, I pulled a comfortable and simple look yet in style. I would always go for shorts and a tee but for a change, because I really wanted to put some style and look dainty, I wore a ruffled top with short puff sleeve from ROSEGAL. Continue scrolling down below to see more details. By the way, if you're on the hunt for long dresses this summer, you might want to check out these long sleeve floral maxi dress.

When I saw this ruffled contrast piped blouse, a dainty girl popped up in my mind. Oh, not just dainty but innocent. Then, I found myself adding this item to my shopping cart. It sounds like I am trying hard again to look younger than my age but I don't see harm on it. Haha! So, please comment below if it did make me look young and innocent. Haha! This blouse has three tiny buttons at the back. It looks simple but the black piping gives an interesting feature. I also love the fabric of this blouse; the texture is very nice. It is not thin either. It looks big on me, right? But I got mine in size Medium and believe me, just stick to your size when you order this blouse. The size Medium fits fine on me and if you go one size down, you might have a problem in the armpit area. It just looks big but that's the style, okay?

As I have mentioned from my previous post, this paper-like graphic print shopper bag is unique in its design. Just look at it closely and you'll see the paper was like a thick paper or like a cardboard. I think that's the idea, this shopper bag mimics the paper bag but not to be used for grocery shopping. This is made to be used as an ordinary bag for your errands or your everyday bag as it has some cute striped lining and has a pocket, too. 

White Denim Fringe Slippers

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I was wearing:
ROSEGAL ruffled contrast piped blouse (get here)
ROSEGAL paper-like graphic print shopper bag (get here)
white denim fringe slippers (get here)
metallic panel design sunglasses (get here)
wooden bangle quartz watch (get here)


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