Saturday, June 24, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Striped Tee, Distressed Jeans & Paper-like Shopper Bag

Hello, lovelies! It's already mid-week and I'm looking forward to the weekend. I miss wearing a basic outfit and so, I pulled one today. One of the basics must-have includes striped shirt and of course, jeans. I love stripes! May it be pinstriped, large or small; I always have a reason to own one. Why not? So, for today's look, I'm featuring these basic pieces from ROSEGAL. I hope you like it, lovelies! By the way, if you're on the hunt for long dresses this summer, you might want to check out these long sleeve floral maxi dress.

There's no other reason why I ordered this short sleeve striped tee; it's striped and the cut is perfect. It is not loose and not long either; just the way I like it. I like the thin stripes. It just hugs my torso in a pretty way. This basic striped tee has a cotton material and a bit thin but nothing sheer, trust me. I got mine in size Medium and yes, it is true to its size. 

I never regret ordering this high rise distressed jeans because it fits me perfectly. I always have doubts of ordering jeans online and have this fear or misfits but for this particular jeans, I am so happy. The length of this sits right on my ankles. The jeans material has no stretch but still good in moving around. It's just a bit tight in the thigh area but it's just in the beginning because later on, it slowly adjusted and I felt it loosened a bit. It's an advantage, though, because I hate pulling my pants up from time to time. This one stills for a longer time. It's a worthy buy, lovelies.

Wooden Bangle Quartz Watch

I ordered this paper-like graphic print shopper bag because of its uniqueness. I really find it funny but cute. The print caption is also funny. Isn't it? The exterior is like a thick paper; like a cardboard, I think but it's something that cannot be easily torn down. The inside has this striped fabric (Oh, it matches my tee!); how cute is that? The handles are made of PU leather. Overall, it's a worthy buy and this is a must-have bag for us, lovelies. The scarf tied up in the bag handles aren't included in the bag when you buy it. I ordered this yellow geometric bohemian silk scarf separately and I decided to tie it in the bag just for design. I have another style idea to wear this scarf as a scarf. Haha! I love the silk fabric.  

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I was wearing:
ROSEGAL short sleeve striped tee (get here)
ROSEGAL high-rise distressed jeans (get here
ROSEGAL paper-like graphic print shopper bag (get here)
ROSEGAL yellow geometric bohemian silk scarf (get here)
metallic crossbar sunglasses (get here)
wooden bangle quartz watch (get here)


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