Friday, August 4, 2017

Floral Print Kimono

Hello, lovelies! One of the hottest trends that I was skeptical to try is the pajama trend and the kimono trend. But guess what? I have tried wearing them and it was fashionably fun. That's why I already have few pieces of them in my closet. I think I love the idea of "I woke up like this" thing but quite bit literal in the outfit. Haha! I've checked this kimono selection and let me know what you think of my selection. 




How gorgeous are these kimono from Rosegal? I'm getting fond of wearing it especially if I'm wearing shorts or a too casual outfit like if do some errands out, I just put on kimono and I'm instantly dressed. These kimonos add an instant pop to any outfit, especially these floral & tropical prints. It's refreshing to the eyes. Right?


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