Thursday, August 17, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Pastel Pink & Blue Leather Bags

Hello, lovelies! Can you guess what I ordered recently from ROSEGAL? I've been watching their genuine leather bags collection and I'm crazy to get all of them but of course, I can't buy all or else I'll go bankrupt. Lol! You must probably have an idea now. Yes, I ordered another genuine leather bag. This time I got this semi bucket bag in pastel blue & pink. 

This pastel blue & pink leather crossbody bag is love at first sight. It's kind of a semi-bucket bag when you look at it but it's not. The pastel blue strap is adjustable; you can tighten and loosen it by pulling without hassle. It is genuine leather. It has a lining inside similar to suede but the texture is flat. There is one side pocket inside. It comes with detachable pastel blue strap which I didn't include here but it is exactly the same strap as the one in photos. The size is medium, so it is perfect for my mini make up kit and other small stuff. The quality of the leather is great! 

I'm looking forward to buying the other leather bags that are in my favorites like the ones below and don't forget to use this coupon code to enjoy discount up to $25. Just type on the coupon code prompt: LauraRG



  1. Your bag!! I'm in love.

  2. love the tassel earrings and the bag's pastel colors are ah-ma-zing!


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