Thursday, August 3, 2017

ROSEGAL Review: Red Leather Metallic Chains Crossbody Bag

Hello, lovelies! I am excited to share with you the latest item ROSEGAL sent over weeks ago. This red rivet metallic chains crossbody bag is a leather material. I own a very, very few leather bags, that's why when I saw this bag, I immediately added it to my shopping cart. Aside from the main reason that this has main material of leather, I fell in love with the design and its size. It looks similar to a luxury bag that I have lusted for months already. But since those luxury bags priced ridiculously, I'm happy to get settled with this red bag from ROSEGAL. Besides, it is leather and priced very affordable. I've been using this bag ever since it arrived and it's been my favorite. 

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Time for a new outfit!


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