Friday, October 13, 2017

ROSEGAL review: Button-Up Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Hello, lovelies! I almost forgot that I have ordered this button-up short sleeve polo shirt from ROSEGAL. This has been hiding in the corner as my pile of clothes is getting higher and higher. I think I need to reorganize and sell some of my preloved clothes. Anyway, this shirt is exactly the same as shown on the product page. What I didn't expect is the quality of this shirt. It is really good; it's soft and not thin. I really love the fit on me. Even though this is a cropped top, I still ordered it because it reminds me of one luxury brand with the same print. I know I have above waistline pants, so styling this was easy. If you want to see more tops, visit ROSEGAL.

I was wearing:
button-up short sleeve polo shirt (get here)
red metallic chains crossbody bag (get here)


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