Sunday, November 19, 2017

ZAFUL Review: Distressed Denim Waistcoat

Hello, lovelies! If you know me, then you probably know I'm a denim addict. I just love anything denim. If you'll open my closet, I think half of my clothes are denim pieces and I have no plan to stop from collecting denim. Who wouldn't love denim? Denim falls to neutral colors and because of that, it will go with most of the outfit. Just like this distressed denim waistcoat that I ordered from Zaful. Just click the link below or click the photo above to see more photos and outfit details.

The moment I saw this denim waistcoat, I fell in love instantly. Let me tell you the other reasons why I bought this waistcoat. (1) it's a denim waistcoat and I never own one ever since; (2) it is very large and oversized; (3) its distressed design; beautifully destroyed especially the back part; & (4) it's very rare to find this kind of piece, so it's unique. There you go, lovelies. This denim waistcoat is prettier in person. I have so many outfit idea wearing this piece but for now, a shirt and denim shorts combo is what came first to my mind. What do you think? Check out more denim waistcoat at ZAFUL.



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