Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Ultimate Dress Code to Turn Heads at the Banquet (2021)

Evening gowns are the luxurious, fussy, fancy aunt of fashion. They’re not a piece you’d wear on and on, they’re more like a one-time investment kind of clothing item. Many times, you purchase it with the intention and full knowledge that you won’t wear it more than once, but the few glamorous moments you do wear it in are worth it. It’s the expensive one-time investment that allows you to live a fairy-tale like kind of evening where you feel completely comfortable in your own skin and can get rid of all feelings of self-consciousness and doubt. You’ll shamelessly check yourself out every time you walk by a mirror and set up a self-timer to take dozens of pictures. You’ll be able to fully embrace the inner princess fantasy in you since childhood. Now that’s a special, worthy investment right there and that’s exactly why your banquet gown needs to be chosen with care.

We picked our four favorite banquet dresses of the season for you to choose from. All you need to do is to pick the dress that flatters your favorite body part. The factor of skin tones also should be taken into consideration, whether you have a cool or warm tone, you should choose the color of the dress based on that. And most importantly, make sure to pick what’ll make you feel most comfortable and confident. Eventually, that’s what’ll bring out your true beauty and allows you to have a wonderful time!

Shall we?

Classic Dress

Going formal is the first idea that pops in mind when thinking of a banquet and it is indeed a great choice that unleashes your feminine side and boosts your desirability at the fancy dinner table. Some of the classy icons are Audrey Hepburn, Kate Middleton, Jackie Kennedy and countless others. 

The fabric of classic dresses is often characterized by its softness and smoothness; it delivers a timeless silhouette that showcases your lines and curves in a breathtaking manner. They come in different shapes and texture, ranging from long slim fitting to maxi large and short classic dresses. In some exotic fashion lines, these dresses can take the definition of a met gala kind of appearance; their uniqueness and bizarre creativity offer a feeling of flattering beauty and uniqueness.

Classic pieces are undoubtedly not just about style as they allow a flow of smooth confidence that speaks louder in the room without you having to announce your arrival!

Lace Dress

Lace is a sheer and delicate fabric made of natural materials. This delicacy gives an artistic fragility to your skin. Think of lace sleeves, trims, hems and panels that give a dress a touch of glamour. Another aspect to consider lace dresses for is the transparency, which can be needed sometimes to highlights your natural curves and allows the reflection of the light without being blindingly shiny. 

The dress differs not just in style, but also in fit and length, allowing you to pick up just the right combination for a trendy peppy look. You can never go wrong with lace dresses, whether your lace dress is at your back and call for a formal evening or just a casual dinner to make you look simply beautiful. 

It’s created with care and it draws a masterpiece when touching your body that’ll surely turn heads as you walk! 

Tight Evening Dress

Have you ever wondered how you’d slay for a prom night? The answer is simple! A sexy prom dress made of classy fabrics such as velvet, silk or even satin. These slightly reflective fabrics are designed to run smoothly and create soft waves with every step you take. Evening dresses vary in their designs,they range from, short to midi or maxi length dresses with different necklines, spaghetti straps are the go for most prom night dresses such as the one worn by Robin Wright in 2017 or the gorgeous long matte black dress worn by Kate upton.

Do not be afraid to strike out and find your ultimate party look, with something different, from bold embellishments to fancy florals, a dress that hugs and accentuates your assets with your figure. Often made of stretchy stuff, they're ideal for a city night out. For those with an hourglass figure, this dress is ideal, as it flatters the beautiful curves!

Just visualize your body fitting perfectly in a sleek and sexy tight dress making you feel like a superstar!

Cheongsam Dress

The cheongsam (“long dress” in Cantonese) is a sheath dress with a high collar, side slits and an opening in the front that stretches from the collar to the armpit and down the side. The opening is traditionally secured with knotted buttons and loops or hua niu meaning ‘flower button’.

It can be made using a variety of materials to suit various seasons and occasions, including satin, silk, velvet, lace and cotton. Formal Cheongsam dresses have appealing prints, fancy expensive fabrics and reflexive materials rich in color and in style. They make the perfect custom for traditional, cultural and international events because they are not just regular dresses, they’re an example of great culture and rich immortal traditions. 

Don’t give it second thoughts. This dress may be daring and audacious but that’s what makes it unique. The red in Chinese means happiness and good luck and is chosen by the Chinese for their wedding dress. However, who says you can’t shine in such a sexy formal dress for a night? 

If you go for one of these dresses, we guarantee you’ll have one amazingly magical night with no doubt! You can’t go wrong with these gems, you’re bound to shine!

You have a wide range of choices, styles, fabrics, colors, lengths and much more! Whether you like being the center of attention or prefer to be more mysterious, one of these dresses will most definitely do the trick for you! 

You finally have the opportunity to dress to impress, What are you waiting for?

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